Frequently Asked Questions verando® decking boards.

Why should you choose verando®?

  • Easy-care and sustainable design product
  • Very durable and robust
  • Appealing optics thanks to minimal joint width
  • Absolutely weather-resistant barefoot-friendly
  • Freedom of design for color and patterns
  • Natural look und feel
  • No rainforest falls for verando®

How does verando® behave in relation to various weather conditions?

  • Absolutely weather-resistant
  • Unlimited durability
  • No splintering, tearing or swelling
  • Anti-slip in case of rain, dew or fog
  • Resistant to salt and chlorine water

Do verando® decking boards need to be treated?

  • verando ® does not require any structural protection against weather conditions.
  • However, we recommend natural, solvent-free hard wax oils to avoid severe contamination.

Can stains occur?

  • Like any other material, verando® gets dirty. If necessary a brush and water are sufficient for cleaning.
  • Remove stubborn stains or small scratches with sandpaper with 40 - 60 K

How do I clean verando® decking boards?

  • If sufficient gradient was considered, part of the dirt will wash away with rain.
  • If required, you can use detergent
  • Untreated surfaces are best cleaned using clear water and a brush.

Can I install verando® even around a pool?

  • Definitely. The proximity to water is the "natural habitat" of verando®. The anti-slip effect is even enhanced by moisture. This is the special property of verando®.
  • The decking boards are resistant to chlorine and salt water

How are verando® boards ecologically evaluated?

  • The material is ecologically harmless.
  • Rice husks as the main component of verando® are a waste product of rice cultivation. No trees are cut down.
  • The decking boards are permanently fungus-resistant.
  • verando® is very durable, completely recyclable and does not require the use of ecologically harmful cleaning agents or protective coatings.

How can verando® boards be disposed of?

  • verando® decking boards can be disposed of via domestic waste but is completely recyclable.
  • Leftover material or used decking boards are taken back by the manufacturer- alfer® aluminum Gesellschaft mbH - and recycled. The contact points for consumers are the sales outlets or craftmen's workshops.
How can verando® boards be disposed of?