Build your own terrace

We differentiate between three different installation techniques:

We recommend that the installation of the verando® terrace boards be carried out by a professional or an experienced DIY expert.


At any time the boards can not be covered with plastic or other impermeable material. Waterlogging and condensation can lead to staining.

The verando® terrace profile and the substructure have been specially designed for use as a terrace decking. The products do not have a building authority approval and are therefore not to be used for load-bearing, structural purposes. Local building regulations must be observed accordingly, as well as the installation instructions and the technical information.


verando® coaxis®

The verando® coaxis® system is suitable for both loose and solid surfaces.

In case of a fixed installation, a distinction is made between the installation in the gravel bed with wet concrete sheets, the installation in the gravel bed with edge stones and the installation on concrete.

The coaxis® substructure profiles must be fixed on a solid continuous surface (e. g. concrete) or - in the gravel bed - on a solid point surface (e. g. wet concrete slabs or edge stones).


Die qualitative Unterkonstruktion auf Kies ermöglicht vielfältige Verlegemuster für die Terrassen von verando.

The intermediate dimension of the substructure shall not exceed 32 cm.

In case of floating installation on concrete or other solid floors, the substructure profiles are connected to form a frame. With adjustable feet, this frame is placed on a solid continuous surface.

You can see how to proceed in the installation instructions.

verando® Tango

The verando® Tango terrace system is suitable for solid and dense surfaces. Thanks to the simple plug-in system, it is possible to install the terrace in no time at all.

Turn the boards, insert rubber swallows and connect the boards together in the pattern of your choice.

verando® Basic

The verando® Basic system is as well suitable for solid and loose surfaces.

The substructure strip can be fixed on a solid continuous base or on a solid specified base (e. g. wet concrete slabs in a gravel bed). The decking profile of verando® Basic also serves as a substructure profile.

When installing the substructure, be careful not to exceed the maximum permissible distance.