Decking boards in
captivating wood look.

Finally a decking that gives you time to relax. verando® leaves nothing to be desired - the unique material satisfies with a rich wood look and offers a variety of decisive advantages over classic wood floorboards:

The terrace boards of verando® are extremely durable.
The terrace boards of verando® are very colour stable.
The terrace boards of verando® are completely crack-free.
The terrace boards of verando® are anti-slip.
The decking boards of verando® are weatherproof.

The material

verando® is mainly made of rice husks. In nature, they protect the rice grain from potential external damage and do not allow any moisture to penetrate. In the production of rice, the husks become large quantities of waste. The modern compound of which verando® decking boards are made of is largely composed of rice husks from European cultivation:

The use of rice husks makes verando® terraces unique.
60% Rice husks
Salt is an important component of verando®'s durable decking boards.
22% Salt
Mineral oil is the smallest component for the floorboards of verando® made by alfer®.
18% Mineral oil
Terrace coverings from verando®
Water-repellent terrace boards from verando® at a pool.
Slip-resistant terraces from verando from resysta at an outdoor pool.
Durable pier construction by verando® on Lake Zurich.
Roof terrace with verando® boards.
Outdoor terrace construction with planks from verando®.

verando® - versatility that convinces.

verando® surpasses its natural model tropical wood in almost every aspect due to the unique combination of rice husks and polymer: The decking boards are weatherproof, resistant to fungus and insect infestation, do not splinter, swell or tear.

At the same time, verando® requires minimal maintainance, is slip resitant and versatile in color and shape


verando® colours FVG-C08


veranda colour FVG-C14

Aged Teak

veranda colour FVG-C23

Cape Cod

veranda colour FVG-C42


veranda colour FVG-C51


veranda colour FVG-C7016

Our guidance to success.

We differentiate in three different instalation techniques: verando® coaxis®, verando® Tango and verando® Basic.

Our detailed installation guide will support you with your terrace project. And if you have any questions, please give us a call, we will be happy to assist you.

Production –
made by alfer®

The material can be processed like wood and is produced like plastic. The entire production process for verando® takes place in house. State-of-the-art precision systems extrude the profiles and automated grinding systems obtain its wood-like grain.

All accessories such as aluminum profiles and injection molded parts are produced according to the latest quality standards.

Employees of alfer® verando® at the extruder.